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Dream Merchant 004 (2014)



The editor in me cringes at a couple bits of this, but the Frank fan in me cackles with terrible, terrible glee.

I can’t figure who sent me this originally. I want it cross-stitched. On a pillow.

Where Is Jake Ellis TPB at

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Where is Jake Ellis? #4 (August 2014)


I might’ve found a better name for this page:


Instant comics.

It’s been about a year and a half since the third issue, and I’d kind of given up on this series ever being completed. The guy at my local told me it’s about the economics. Marvel paid someone more, so they let their indy…

Thanks for this! Thank you for continuing to read!

But the guy at the local was wrong.  I’v never let work at Marvel (or anywhere) slow down my work at Image.  And vice-versa.  I always write my books months in advance of the art schedule.  

The story will indeed go deeper — how much deeper depends on how many more volumes we will put out!  

Tonci is a coloring genius and if you look through the series you’ll find stark distinctions between scenes which help to jar you from one time and place to another.  This issue is no different, and we’re also joined on art by the fabulous Jordan Gibson who assisted Tonci, and who will carry more weight as we move forward.  

Once again, glad to have you on board.  This is an extraordinarily special project to all of us, and we’re so glad you’re getting to see where WHERE IS JAKE ELLIS? goes, regardless of how much mystery we unveil. 

Because at the end of the day, it’s about Jake, and Jon, and Mollie.  

Day 226: Dancer


Sometimes, I need help making decisions. Sometimes, I rely on hand flowcharts to point me in the right direction.


Flowcharts don’t lie, man. Time to read Dancer.


So, by this point, I have expectations for Edmondson-written books (expectations beyond “face-meltingly awesome,” that is)….


Marvel comics - bites and snippets

preview Black Widow #10 (Nathan Edmondson, Phil Noto)


Oh, Clint, what have you done this time….


"Punisher #9 Black Widow #9" FEATURE REVIEW - Nathan Edmondson is a goddamn genius. Period.  What we have here is the greatest Punisher crossover of all time, never before have we had a Punisher writer able to connect with another of his own books at the exact same point, and issue number.  Traditionally, we start a crossover arc in one book and end it in another. Here we get the same story from two distinct POV. Its interesting on its own, but when you start going through page by page, that’s when it you really appreciate the magnitude of the achievement.

Both Titles, Page 8: Splash page in each book of Frank coming across Widow and Crossbones. I suspect the script for each page was identical except for Frank and Widow’s short thought bubbles.  What we get here is The Art of Mitch Gerads and Phil Noto side by side for the first time. Page 9 continues with a panel by panel recreation of the exact same scene with two different artists…  

One of my favorite books from last year was Carl Potts’s “The DC Guide to Creating Comics”, which included side by side interpretations of the same script pages by celebrated artists. Here we see the same thing in live practice, and I can’t praise it enough, it is a damn dee-light.

Both Noto and Gerads have complete art duties, so each page is all theirs. Gerads goes with a more linear straight down the page progression, Noto’s work is slightly more fluid.  Interestingly, the third panel for each is IDENTICAL but reversed.  Coincidence? Did one finish first and peek at the other’s work?  I really want to know the story of these books, cause this is how comics are made the right way. 

The clock timer is used to more easily sync between to the two books the rest of the way out, and Edmondson weaves the stories together again in the last few pages, Frank’s thoughts crisscrossing with Widow’s. He thinks he pissed of the Avengers, while Widow is worried about SHIELD. The last lines are perfection in subtlety, Widow with “Sooner or later, someone is going to get the drop on you.” Frank having had the shit kicked out of him and captured every other issue since he started this run has that same thought in his mind as “Someone was going to get the drop on me. Again, I mean.”  

Read these books. Then open then side by side and read them again. This right here is how Punisher is done right, one of the single best Punisher events every published and a genuine classic. Even if you’re not a Punisher fan, even if you never plan to read another issue, if you love how comics are made grab these two and set them side by side. RAW!!!

Review: The Dream Merchant #4


Review: The Dream Merchant #4 via reviewer @SamanthaRoehrig — @nathanedmondson @ImageComics


You can never tell what comic you will miss when it goes on break. Not that I didn’t love The Dream Merchant, but I had a lot of other good comics keeping me occupied. Well I missed this comic. I…


This is from a graphic novel called “The Light” by Nathan Edmondson and Brett Weldele, published by Image Comics.

Light from sources hooked to the power grid, spreads an infection that burns you up starting with your eyes. I really enjoyed this story.

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